Barge Travel Connection

Barge Travel Connection

Barge Travel Connection

Since the dawn of passenger cruising in the mid-19th century, this relaxing pastime has evolved into a highly pleasurable experience. Today’s barge cruises are the culmination of a rich history of leisure boating.

At Barge Travel Connection we give you the opportunity to truly unwind aboard some of the most elegant hotel-barges as you drift along European waterways sipping aromatic wines, savouring high-end cuisine and docking to immerse yourself in rich cultural experiences. Choose from our wide range of cruises based on your interests, group size or go-to destination and let yourself be properly looked after by an attentive and knowledgeable crew. From transfers, excursions, food and wine, everything is organised for you; all you need to do is relax and take it all in.

About Us

Barge Cruising is what we do!

We are a team of dedicated travel professionals with first hand knowledge of cruising. Our aim is to provide the best possible advice to help plan your clients dream holiday.

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Barge Travel Connection
Phone: 1300 150 725

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