2010: The Year in Review

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to re-visit the year that was and be reminded of all the important, dramatic, decisive, interesting and bizarre news that made 2010 such an exciting year.

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Five years in the making, and at a cost to some 96 lives (“They died to make the desert bloom”, reads a monument at the site), Hoover Dam is an architectural wonder.

Malaysians travel for food

Food is among the top reasons for Malaysians to travel with 77 percent of travellers surveyed preferring to spend extra on their dining experience.

Las Vegas: enjoy it, but not too much.

I do not fear Las Vegas. Nor do I loathe it. However, after having just lost US$50 dollars on the roulette table and already feeling a little worse for wear, I am beginning to wonder whether Vegas re...