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Memories of a Reincarnated Monk

For most of us in Australia, reincarnation is not a feature of our religion or belief system. From the outside believing Jesus rose from the dead might sound like a far stretch

Big boys playing fair?

Some of the big players in the hotel world are flexing their muscle. It’s the smaller players, including agents, who will lose out.

The Kiwi’s are Rocking it

Positivity, opportunity, growth… the Kiwi’s seem to have it in spades. But why? Why would Aussie’s care? 3 interesting factors tell the tale.

Rubbing shoulders with greatness

You are never too old to get a mentor, unless of course you think you are too old to learn anything new in which case, your career doesn’t have long left and you should get back to your game of cand...

Pricing against the OTA’s

Maybe it’s time to go “old school”. I don’t mean Will Ferrell running naked down the street “old school” but going back to some “old school” values.