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STUBA: Tantalising Thailand

With almost 2,000 properties in Thailand, Stuba has you and your clients covered. Log on, search, compare, and book ! - you wont be disappointed.
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STUBA in the city that never sleeps

NYC: The city that never sleeps. Check-in with STUBA, with over 440 properties in NYC, Stuba has got the hotel you want. Log on, search, compare, and book
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Dip your toe into the Mediterranean with STUBA

Think cocktails, grass skirts, and perfect beaches. That's Hawaii. And with over 240 properties in the system, Stuba has got the resort you want. Log on, search, compare, and book

Journeys of Change

David Reeves, Journeyman, has taken his travel experience, combined it with a passion and created something new.

Truths in Lombok

Warning – contains disturbing footage. An inside angle and the shocking truth about what’s really happening in Lombok
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STUBA World Cup kick off contest

Stuba is the product of the recent roomsXML & getabed merger Read more at http://australia.etbtravelnews.global/356358/stuba-launches-kick-off-world-cup-2018-competition/