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Stuba Boosts Mediterranean Product

Stuba 2019: Accredited, Updated and Ready to Rock. 2018 was a big, big year for Stuba and we’ve spent the past few months optimising technology, management and operation structures to maximise the be...
Pride of America

Top Travel Partners to Sail Free

Cruise Line - in partnership with Hawai‘i Tourism Oceania - is giving Australian and New Zealand trade partners an opportunity to sail for free onboard Pride of America

4 Questions to ask in travel

Some people thought roomsXML/Stuba overdoing it when we went for assessment by Standard and Poor’s internationally recognised “hi credit worthiness rating”

Travel Retrospective 2018

With Christmas travel league done and dusted, painkillers failing to deaden the embarrassment of those awkward dance moves at the after party…. but hey, everyone is human….
Applications Now Open

Applications Now Open

Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand have partnered for the 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist famil - the biggest trade familiarisation to New Zealand in 2019