Travel agent partners on a visit to Queen Elizabeth with in the front row (left to right) Carnival Australia hosts Alison Banfield, Jessica Sainsbury, Jessica Rynd and Angus Mackay

Records Tumble

As the current record cruise season reaches its height, records are also tumbling when it comes to the number of travel agent ‘famils’ and ship inspections across Carnival Australia-brand ships
Stuba Trusted

STUBA: Handing power to the agent

Stuba has reported that through their ‘Smart Search’ technology and direct connectivity to over 24 global hotel chains, they are handing power back to the travel agent.
Sno’n’Ski Mega Famil takes off

Sno’n’Ski Mega Famil takes off

30 of Australia’s most prolific agents have strapped on their boots for the snow trip of a lifetime, departing Australia today (8 March) for the largest ski famil to operate ex Australia
Stuba Logo Transparenth-2

Stuba Boosts Mediterranean Product

Stuba 2019: Accredited, Updated and Ready to Rock. 2018 was a big, big year for Stuba and we’ve spent the past few months optimising technology, management and operation structures to maximise the be...