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Party time in Vegas with STUBA

With plenty more to see than flashy hotels, Stuba explores some of the off-strip things to do and see while staying at one of Stuba's 135 Vegas properties
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Stuba Boosts Mediterranean Product

Stuba 2019: Accredited, Updated and Ready to Rock. 2018 was a big, big year for Stuba and we’ve spent the past few months optimising technology, management and operation structures to maximise the be...
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Explore Europe with STUBA

Visit Europe with Stuba for the best rates and superb 24/7 support. You will not be disappointed!

4 Questions to ask in travel

Some people thought roomsXML/Stuba overdoing it when we went for assessment by Standard and Poor’s internationally recognised “hi credit worthiness rating”
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Hit the U.S.A West Coast with Stuba

Most folk head to the USA West Coast for good reason. Diverse places, and some of the most fun and exciting places on the planet. Check out Stuba for the best rates, and unsurpassed 24/7 Agent Suppor
Eastern China Famil

Eastern China Famil

MWTours recently hosted a group of agents from North Queensland to China, on China Eastern’s expanded Cairns to Shanghai Pu Dong flights

Travel Retrospective 2018

With Christmas travel league done and dusted, painkillers failing to deaden the embarrassment of those awkward dance moves at the after party…. but hey, everyone is human….
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STUBA: Tantalising Thailand

With almost 2,000 properties in Thailand, Stuba has you and your clients covered. Log on, search, compare, and book ! - you wont be disappointed.
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STUBA in the city that never sleeps

NYC: The city that never sleeps. Check-in with STUBA, with over 440 properties in NYC, Stuba has got the hotel you want. Log on, search, compare, and book
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Dip your toe into the Mediterranean with STUBA

Think cocktails, grass skirts, and perfect beaches. That's Hawaii. And with over 240 properties in the system, Stuba has got the resort you want. Log on, search, compare, and book