roomsXML is an online accomodation system system that’s a single online access point to over 78,000 3, 4 and 5 star hotels from multiple suppliers.

Lets face it, we could ramble on about bits and pieces which would really bore the pants off you, but this video explains nicely:

But if you do want some facts on roomsXML:

  • B2B only – we didn’t make up another brand to hide –  we also go direct to public
  • Awesome customer service – you get looked after
  • Global company, local decision making – you get looked after FAST
  • Brilliant technology, so you only see each hotel once
  • ISO 9001 Accredited
  • Winner of the Innovate 100 Award – click here to view

Still interested in more?

WebSource Pacific was established as an Australian-based offshore development company in 2004 is a joint-venture between Mark Luckey and Prakash Bang, India . WebSource has delivered projects using resources from IT vendors spread across Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai encompassing skill sets of SAP, Microsoft, Joomla and iPhone and iPad.

Mark Luckey is managing director of roomsXML Australia New Zealand and has used his global software development experience to ensure extremely cost efficient product and service provision through roomsXML, resulting in a lean and highly efficient organisation.

“I love the cultural exchange. We have a highly skilled on-site backed by the firepower of hundreds of technical staff offshore. Our business model gives us the delivery potential of significantly larger organisations but with greater flexibility and significantly lower prices.

In 2011 Mark delivered a series of lectures on social media in the travel space to the Australian Travel Agents Cooperative encouraging them to improve their marketing and communication to compete with online travel agencies. He has also written a number of articles for online publications including etravelblackboard, providing travel agents with tips and tricks on how to stay competitive.

Marks wife Sasha also works in the business and roomsXML has fantastic staff in Matt Paterson and Rosetta Scicluna in customer service and Andrew Patterson as a technical lead. They are backed by our offshore customer service team led by Janis, Ruchir, Surajeet, Pushpahas, Mrunalini and Rosemary.

Since the first booking in 2006, roomsXML Australia has grown to be an important alternative hotel wholesaler. Our client base includes a preferred arrangement with ATAC, franchises who are part of the JTG Group, Travel Associates, FC and a number of independents.

265 Auburn Rd
Hawthorn, Victoria 3122
Toll Free (AU): 1800 76 66 79
Toll Free (NZ): 0800 00 12 14 FREE



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