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What is a Personal Travel Manager?

Being a personal travel manager allows you the flexibility, mobility and control over your working life as… Read more

What can I earn?

TravelManagers offer their personal travel managers the most generous commission split available in the flourishing world of… Read more

Supporting Your Business

TravelManagers offers our personal travel managers a range of training and development opportunities based on…Read more

Why Us?

TravelManagers offers the perfect opportunity for experienced industry professionals seeking to be part of…Read more

TravelManagers Australia is Australia’s largest mobile consulting network offering the industry’s most comprehensive consulting package and the best rewards available.

Being a personal travel manager allows you to enjoy flexibility and control over your working life as a truly mobile travel consultant  with the most generous earnings available for home-based consultants in Australia.

With TravelManagers you have the security of working in partnership with a major industry organisation, with the flexibility to set your own hours and earn to your full potential.

The business model has been highly successful in the US and New Zealand markets and is now available in Australia.

TravelManagers Australia provides experienced business travel consultants full support and guidance from initial setup of their business to helping drive the growth of their business through strong buying power and excellent communication & marketing resources.

Personal travel managers work smarter rather than harder and enjoy the benefits of high profitability and a lifestyle they choose.

TravelManagers Australia is the way of the future.

See What Makes Us The Smarter Choice.

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