TAME EQ550 Quito to New York-JFK ‘Business/Economy’

TAME Loves New York

TAME Loves New York

TAME EQ550 Quito to New York-JFK ‘Business/Economy’

10 May 2017

Carrier:  TAME

Flight Number: EQ550 dep UIO @ 01:20

Duration:  6h

Class:  Business Class seat with Economy Class service

Aircraft:  Airbus A330


Check-in experience:

Quito’s modern Mariscal Sucre International Airport was quiet in the hours before the departure time; there was no queue at the TAME counter and the check-in process was friendly and smooth.

On-time performance:

The flight pushed back from the gate 7 minutes ahead of schedule and landed in New York on time.

Seat/Cabin conditions:


TAME Business Class

The 27 comfortable seats in TAME’s Business Class cabin on this Airbus 330 aircraft all have a very generous seat pitch.  Seats are arranged in 7 rows in a 2-3-2 configuration; the first row is 2-2-2.  The cabin feels spacious thanks to the staggered rows.  Though the smooth, integrated seats do not open completely flat, they stretch out in a very comfortable way to allow peaceful sleep without the bumps of the small sections of lie-flat beds that can sometimes poke the body.

Food And Beverage:

A breakfast is offered before landing in New York but many passengers prefer to continue sleeping.  Drinks are available throughout the flight.


The entertainment system offers film and music channels for the duration of the flight.


The flight arrived on time at JFK, and what a pleasure to arrive at 8:20 in the morning.  There were no queues anywhere and it was a breeze through Baggage Claim, Immigration, and out the door.  With only one hour time difference between Quito and New York at this time of year, there was, thankfully, no jetlag to contend with.


As the only airline providing nonstop service between Quito and New York, TAME makes this route an easy flight for passengers originating in either city.  The professionalism of TAME staff is noticeable in its increasing the quality of the airport and inflight experiences.  The departure time in the early morning hours permits a full day in Quito before flying, and them another full day in New York on arrival.  Also, the ride to Quito’s Mariscal Sucre Airport late at night avoids the rush-hour traffic earlier in the evening.  Transfers can be arranged through Latin America Reservation Center.

Source = Robert La Bua - Mr eTraveller

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